Cannabis oil, bud oil, elixir of the gods. People who have been cured or whose quality of life enhanced by it will call it just that. And where does this wonderful concoction come from? What is it exactly?
Bud oil or cannabis oil comes from stripping the resin crystals, or trichomes, and other organic compounds from marijuana plant, stems, leaves and flowers in some cases, by way of a solvent. The best concentrates made from pharmaceutical grade isopropanol or triple distilled ethyl alcohol (also know as moonshine) as the solvent. After soaking the raw material in the solvent for a period of time, the liquid is strained and extracted and then evaporated over low heat until all the excess solvent and water has disappeared. What is left is a gooey, tacky, taffy-like oil.
If you’re making it at home, you could go an extra step by steaming the taffy-like oil over a double boiler to ensure that all the solvent has been “breathed off” and pure concentrate is all that remains. That’s the artisanal effect!
Percentages of the active ingredients THC, short for tetrahydrocannabinol, and CBD, short for cannabidiol, in the finished product depends upon the raw material that was used to make it with. Outdoors grown marijuana produces higher CBD’s than indoor grown marijuana. It seems the natural rays of the sun develop the full cannabidiol spectrum in the plant.
The use of the stems and stalk of the plant also increases the CBD levels, therefore knowing the origins of the raw material may be helpful to you. Nonetheless, you want to be sure that the raw material used was produced without the use of chemical sprays and treatments.
Cannabis oil is for persons seeking a high concentration of THC and CBD. Typically, bud oil has a wide range of ratios, with CBD’s ranging from 3%-16% and up to 50/50 for specialized strains, with THC in the 70-80% range. Many of the concentrates are made in a laboratory now. You can find almost any strength or characteristics you’re looking for in a variety of dispensing tools, from droppers to syringes.
For high proofs THC concentrates, in the 90% or better range, a half rice kernel size amount is a lot of oil. For instance, a drop of oil on a lozenge in the early afternoon makes for an energized rest of your day if you suffer from pain and fatigue from pain.
Concentrates are a great alternative for those who do not wish to smoke and has the added benefit of longer lasting effect than the traditional method of smoking marijuana.
What are some of your favorite concentrates? We’d love to hear from you!

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