A little innovation goes a long way! This sentiment is especially true for marijuana growers. So when we moved across Canada this spring, we arrived with some clear greenhouse plastic and two old sliding glass doors that we used for a lean-to starter room.

Making it work

They start as little sprouts

Employing our usual method of broadcasting seeds into a shallow gardening tray filled with Pro Mix soil with perlite and dampened with lightly fertilized water, the seeds soon sprouted.

We started the seeds just before the May Long Weekend.

Keeping them protected from sudden changes in temperature or a sudden downpour in the makeshift greenhouse made all the difference.

Seedlings need more space

Within 10 days the seedlings were being transplanted into 4×4 pots and put back in the greenhouse for their protection.

Having the

Keep from overheating

sliding glass doors on hinges made it possible to open and close the greenhouse morning and evening as necessary.

This was ideal for hardening off the seedlings and preparing them for exposure to full sun.


Transplant blues

Ready to graduate from the greenhouse nursery

Two days after the pictures of the transplants into 4×4 pots was taken, the plants were transplanted again into 6 inch 1/2 gallon pots.

This is the pot size we’ll stop at for sexing before transplanting to the next size up.

The pictures show rather droopy looking plants after the transplant but it won’t take but a day or two and they’ll perk right up.

By June 28th the plants are ready for sexing. They’ve formed a flush of green

First day in our new pots

The plants takeoff

and look beautiful all filled out. It’s a great start!

Using a magnifying glass, we look for the hairs the females will start to produce at the base of the stems joined to the main stem.

Once the plants has been sexed, it either remains standing or gets knocked over.

Only the females are allowed to remain standing in this situation!

From this point on, it’s the ladies club that counts

Magnification 101, bigger is better

Unverified plants will get a little longer to show themselves.

After this, they’ll be transplanted into really big pots and put out in full sun to get as big as they can throughout the summer months.

We’ll update as things go. My guess is they’re going to be monsters!!


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