In times like these, it’s tough to stay positive. With work and schools being cancelled or delayed, anxiety and stress rides on the shoulders of most. As most of us are now spending a good portion of our time indoors, away from other forms of life, we can become depressed, and start to feel the pressure of oneself and each unsureness as they continue to add.

Implementing plants into your life during times like these will be very beneficial. Creating a special sense of communication, a oneness, and a better understanding of the importance of all life, including that of your own. Just being in the presence of plants is a form of Therapeutic Horticulture. You’re noticing the beauty of another form of life. You’re seeing its purpose, and curious to see how it similarly connects with yours. Taking the time to appreciate what plants are doing for you, and knowing that they are appreciating what you’ve been doing for them.
Plants can teach us a lot about ourselves, and in many ways, we stay blind.

Most think of plants as just objects, but in reality, they’re not “Man Made”. These Naturally occurring forms of life contain purpose and meaning, directly connected to us for that matter. We as humans have been bonded with plants since the beginning of time. They’ve brought us health, wellness, beauty, income, and more. We’ve just lost touch with the deep forms of communication they can share.

Plants and Gardening, bring people a sense of control over their lives, and the environment around them becomes more relaxed. As humans, we use plants each and everyday, for survival, for shelter, for healing, and for sustainability. Nature is an essential part of our well-being. These living things do so much for us, and can be utilized as a secret door into getting to know the beautiful person that you are.

Plants can act like a mirror, reflecting who we are. Showing us the direction, we are heading, as well as the path to whom we strive to be. Opening us to a deeper understanding of the multiple states of being, and their purposes within your life. Creating a deep sense of confidence and gratitude, when short term goals are met, and an understanding is had of the part you’re playing within the plant’s life.

So if you find yourself feeling a bit more introverted, anxious and or depressed during these very tough times, give it a try, and bring some plants into your life. Let them teach you how to be you.

Happy Holidays, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.

-The Hippie




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