There’s nothing fun about facing harvest day on your own. This is definitely time to bring in reinforcements and liven up the day. Crank on the tunes, put on a fresh pot of coffee and create an energizing atmosphere. You can pour through a lot of bud with just four experienced clippers, spaced adequately around a large table, of course.

Planning ahead for clipping day and you’ll get a lot done in a fraction of the time. You can trade bud for work if you can’t pay for the help or trade harvest day for a day helping buddy. Whatever works, but you want to clip what you cut in the same a day for best results.

You’re going to need to feed everyone, so pre-cook a large pot of something good. We usually do up a moose or deer roast or chicken Dopiaza with basmati rice. Anything in the crock pot, but do whatever suits you and your group. Also, plan for snacks and beverages. We don’t provide alcohol, but we do provide mint, ginger and cucumber infused water to keep everyone well hydrated. So important. A good assortment of soft drinks and juice is also always welcome.

Have adequate toilet paper on hand. You’d be surprised how many clipping jobs I went to that ran out. Have latex or other such isolation gloves, cheap bbq bibs, you can find at the dollar store so people can cover their clothes. The clipped leaves will slid right off instead of getting stuck to that fuzzy sweater your brothers girlfriend wore and dragging it all through the house, just saying. Buy garbage bags, plastic table covers and drop cloth or small tarp for the floor. This is just a short list of basics.

Even with the most comfortable of chairs, still set a timer for stretch breaks every hour, at least. A 5 – 10 minute energy break will keep everyone in peak performance throughout the day. Don’t schedule for more than 8 hours in a day. That’s enough exposure to fresh weed, especially if you’re going to do back to back days.

Try to have a room with fresh air available. Warm enough but no too warm. Good lighting is also very important, the brighter the better to see the individual bud shapes and pick out fan leaves. We hang a 1000 watt metal halide over the table. That’s not too much.

Clippers like it when they feel cared for and they’re treated to a clean, comfortable room. This way, you’ll have no problem getting them to come back whenever you need help in the future.

Next up, After 27 years of clipping and harvesting marijuana, I’ll share my all time best harvesting technique that cut our clipping costs in half!

Let me know in the comments below. Are you a clipping loner or are you a clipping socialite?

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